A riveting true story about a reclusive young woman from a small Manitoba First Nation who captivated the press and made international headlines. Sensationalized in the media as a high profile catfishing case involving an NBA superstar and an aspiring model, Shelly Chartier was portrayed as a master manipulator who used social media as her weapon.  Through the sensitive and intelligent lens of Indigenous directors Lisa Jackson and Shane Belcourt, the sensationalism is swept aside to reveal something much more compelling and complex – the story of a young woman caught in historical circumstances beyond her control and how she struggles to rebuild her life after incarceration. With in-depth access to Shelly, Indictment unpacks the crime and raises important questions about the Canadian justice system.

Music editor Anthony Wallace


44 mins – Co-directed by Shane Belcourt &  Lisa Jackson

Winner of the Alanis Obomsawin award at the ImagiNATIVE Film Festival.

Indictment is online in Canada and originally broadcast on CBC POV series at 9pm October 29, 2017.

The Current CBC radio interview with Shelly Chartier and Lisa Jackson.

CBC Director’s Blog “When It Comes to Indigenous People, Canadian Justice is Not Blind”


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