Original premiere date: Monday, Jan. 14, 2013
Produced by David Brady Productions

What happens to us after death is perhaps the greatest mystery of life. One belief is that we reincarnate – that there is life, after life. Despite this widespread belief, renowned spiritual author and scholar Tom Harpur remained skeptical of reincarnation – until now. What has lead Harpur to consider reincarnation as a real possibility? It may be surprising, but the best evidence does not come from the world of religion or spiritual studies, but from the world of science. From cases of children who can recall living past lives to the science of biometrics to the realm of quantum physics and global consciousness, we examine the evidence for reincarnation.

Could a young boy with vivid, accurate memories of WWII be the reincarnation of a pilot who was shot down during the war? Is it possible that Anne Frank is alive today, reincarnated as a senior member of the Swedish National Police? Claus von Stauffenberg was executed for his attempt to assassinate Hitler, but did his life end there?


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Supernatural Investigator #301: Reincarnation